Winterize your OSP with Sniff 'n' Stop

Keep pests out of your Outside Plant without Harming the Environment

Filthy Pests

Damaging your OSP

For much of the country, the outside bugs that leave us scratching are gone or are about to be gone.  Though this is a relief, the change in season does not offer us a respite from unwanted pests. 
As the weather becomes colder, all sorts of vermin will be looking for winter quarters that are warm and dry.  OSP pedestals, cabinets and enclosures are far too often their residence of choice.  If there is any electrical equipment generating heat, the vermin will come from miles away to nest in our plant.
The ‘best’ case is urine and excrement creating a biohazard that is just nasty to smell and be around in general.   Worst case, the critter finds a nice juicy cable to chew up.

- Deters Mice, Squirrels and other rodents
- Deters Ants and and other crawling insects
- Deters bees and wasps
- Deters mosquitoes, knats and other biting bugs
- Long Lasting
- Completely natural
-Safe for humans and pets
-Safe for crops and decroative plants
-Safe for the environment
Keeping critters out
Poison works.  It has worked for centuries, but it has two drawbacks for our daily operations.
The vermin have time to pollute the environment before they die.  Actually, that is one of the effects of the poison.   And their little rotting corpses are biohazards in themselves.
The poison could go where we don’t want it and local pets or people could be harmed.
Killing the problem does not solve the problem without creating other problems.   The key is to keep the vermin from coming in at all. 

The same original Sniff ‘n’ Stop formula that protected us from mosquitos and chiggers this summer will keep out the vermin this winter.  New for 2019 is the Sniff’n’Stop Peel ‘n’ Stick Pouch.
The Peel ‘n’ Stick Pouch can be installed easily into any pedestal or cabinet by simply sticking the back to any inside surface.   Then peel off the front cover to expose the perforated holes that release the formula into air.
Sniff 'n' Stop is great Winter protection using Safe, Long-Lasting, All-Natural Essential Oils to deter vermin. Each pouch protects 8 cubic feet until it is time to winterize again.
Introductory Offer
The Peel ‘n’ Stick product completed the R&D process ahead of schedule and is available now for purchase in volume.  To find out more and receive the introductory price discount, click the logo below.  When prompted, enter the code keepemout (keep em out).

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