Vernon May Solutions- Telecom Training And  Technology Implemenation
  1. Performance Analysis
    KPI's Can Be Misleading. Miscoding and general operational misunderstandings make True Performance Analysis very difficult. For this reason, we dig into the details; looking at the comments files, talking to the technicians and following tasks through to final subscriber satisfaction. This allows root cause analysis toward meaningful improvement.
  2. Field Investigations
    Field Investigations are the engine behind "The Technology Bridge". By directly Experiencing what the Local Operations Groups face on a daily basis, Fruitful Root Cause Analysis and Local Operations Adoption of Available Technology can be Achieved.
  3. Classroom Training
    There is no substitute for Classroom Training. It is always the best first step for sharing information in both directions. General knowledge Test Set operations and problem solving are all covered in this training. However, it is only the first step in the McCarty-May process.
  4. Live Load Training
    Regardless of the Intelligence or Knowledge of the Trainee, nothing sticks in the brain like technology applied to their daily tasks. Live Load Training consists of individual and group training performed while the trainee (s) work on normal live load tickets. This process reduces the Live Load Coverage Impact of Training and offers more Personalized Coaching.
  5. Performance Improvement
    The knowledge gained during the Training Phases is Combined with Performanace Analysis to create a Tailored Improvement Program toward measurable process improvement
  6. Remote Diagnostics
    Significant Time and Effort are invested in the Relationship Building required to create "The Technology Bridge". Long after the Guaranteed Performance Improvements are achieved, these relationships can provide value toward continued improvement We offer Ongoing Support Plans to address this need.