Sniff ‘n’ Stop Non-Toxic Pest Deterrent Products Introduced to the Telecom Industry

Keep pests out of your Outside Plant without Harming the Environment

- Deters Mice, Squirrels and other rodents
- Deters Ants and and other crawling insects
- Deters bees and wasps
- Deters mosquitoes, knats and other biting bugs
- Long Lasting
- Completely natural
-Safe for humans and pets
-Safe for crops and decroative plants
-Safe for the environment

Say Goodbye

Filthy Pests

Damaging your OSP

Sanford, FL— 04/18/18 — Today, after decades of providing high quality non-toxic pest deterrent products to the power utilities industry, ICORP-IFOAM Specialty Products Corporation (ICORP) announces an entry into the telecommunications industry with their Natural Pest Deterring process called Sniff’n’Stop. Vernon May Solutions LLC (VMS) was chosen to introduce this technology to this new, but similar industry.

Phil Landers, CEO of ICORP and inventor of Sniff ‘n’ Stop said “the migration into telecom is a natural move for us.  We understand that there are differences in Telecom outside plant and the pest related problems are slightly different versus power.  Still, our product line adapts well to these differences.  We chose Vernon May, Chief Technologist at VMS to manage this project due to his vast experience in telecom operations and his track record of introducing new technology into the industry”.

The use of essential oils for pest deterrence goes back to prehistoric
times.  They are still being widely used in home related pest deterrence
applications.  The reason that these oils are not feasible for Outside
Plant in our industry is the high rate of dissipation when theses oils
are exposed to air.  We can’t send out technicians every few days to
every pedestal and every pole for reapplication of the deterrent. 
ICORP’s technology encapsulates the oils for long term release.
Furthermore, the technology harvests natural energy and uses it to
create a negative ion magnetic field that targets the pests (like mice,
squirrels, mosquitoes and ticks) and magnetically draws the vapors
directly to the IRON in their bodies.”.

He went on to say “there have been many functional and patentable technologies offered to our industry that never made it to the Operations phase.  Normally, they are either a solution in search of a problem or they are not productized in a way that makes application of the technology feasible in our daily work environment.  Sniff ‘n’ Stop does NOT face these weaknesses.  Pests are a terrible problem for Telecom and the combination of granules, liquids, odorized duct plugs and odorant pouches makes application fast, easy and cost effective.  These products work better than poison while protecting the technicians, the plant and the environment."

The stuff really works!” said a Lineman at Gainesville Regional Utilities.  “I placed the Sniff’N'Stop sponge in a street light that I’d replaced late last year. I mean this is an area where nearly every street light is chewed. Where I expected to find squirrel damage there wasn’t even a bug in there. You could eat off the inside of the globe that we put in there it was so clean. “

Founded in 1987, ICORP - IFOAM  Specialty Products Corp. is  a leader in the development of long lasting non-toxic pest deterrents offering a wide variety of products designed to address the special needs of the utilities industry.

Sniff ‘n” Stop is a registered trademark of ICORP - IFOAM in the United States and/or other countries.
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