"Finally, Wideband Noise Mitigation that anybody can use"

"Easy to use Noise Source Detection and Isolation"

Developed in the Field for the Field

New From Vernon May Solutions "TAD"

Vernon May Solutions (VMS) is excited to announce a breakthrough in Wideband Noise Mitigation that Includes single test Noise Source location.  Trouble Analysis Device (or "TAD") is the result of 14 months of field research and analysis conducted personally by Vernon May.  TAD finally turns Wideband Noise Mitigation into a science.

What is TAD?
Initial Design Goals:
  1. To provide live trouble circuit analysis with no prior knowledge or additional data
  2. To provide a noise solution that addresses all known types of noise
  3. To provide noise isolation and location through a scientific process
  4. To provide a solution that addresses all types of DSL (including G.FAST with Vectoring)
  5. To provide a solution that uses onsite data and processing only
  6. To make the human to technology interface simple enough for any technician to use effectively
  7. To deliver training on the practical use of TAD technology in a way that every technician can use
  8. To make the solution produces the same accurate results, using the data from three different test set platforms (EXFO, Greenlee and Viavi)
  9. To support the solution with online and personal help
  10. To deliver the solution at a “no brainer” price

Goals 1-8 have been completed, the initial field trial is in progress and all is going well. Since TAD was developed using only field test data, unpleasant surprises have been rare, even in the earliest phases of the trials.

How does TAD work?
TAD analyzes the raw test data that is already being generated from the handheld test sets.  Within a few seconds, TAD answers these questions:
  • Is there a problem to fix?
  • Is that problem a noise problem?
  • What kind of noise is causing the problem?
  • Where is the noise source?
  • Which action will generate the most circuit performance improvement?

When is TAD software Available?
The generic version using a "dongle platform" is scheudled to be available in the second quarter of 2017.  Versions of TAD to included on the poplular handheld test sets that require no additonal hardware are under discussion. 

What if I need the TAD features now?
The TAD training course is available now.  The strategies behind the new software are taught to the level operational effectiveness.  TAD software is included in the course price upon availibility. 

Wideband Noise Mitigation (TAD)- 3 Days Classroom/ 2 Days Field

•Pair to Pair Wideband Crosstalk
•AM Radio Noise
•Power grid caused impulse noise
•Electrical Device caused impulse noise

•DSL Sync
•24-hour performance
•Bits per Bin (or Tone) Analysis
•Binder Group Analysis
•Longitudinal Balance Test
•Spectrum Analyzer
•Impulse Noise Test

Trouble Shooting
  • DSL Crosstalk isolation and resolution
  • Binder Group based impulse noise isolation and resolution
  • Sheath based impulse noise isolation and resolution

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