Technology Operations Implementation
New Technology Implementation
As an equipment provider, are you certain you have developed the features that your customers really need and in way that they can use it?. Talk with Vernon who, with nearly 40 years  of experience working with service providers  and vendors worldwide, can help you develop the best technology
and help you to navigate the technology approval processes at major customers.

One-On-One Consulting
Vernon May is  a Telecom industry veterans of  38 years provides onsite or by-phone consulting services to service providers, power companies and equipment manufacturers. As well-respected expert in telecom infrastructure and how to create maximum quality bandwidth for today’s broadband demands, Vernon can help you address important implementation issues:

Technology Migration and Adoption: Engineering oversight, operations level training, system integrations and field implementation, in concert with the Project Manager.   For example:
VDSL to Vectoring
Internet to (Internet + IPTV)
Copper to Fiber Migration
Existing products new to the Telecom industry
Remote Diagnostics and Support:
Vernon will provide telephone technical support and/or consulting services billed as a one-hour minimum and then in 30 minute increments. Onsite support is billed per day, with a three day minimum.  We also work on monthly retainers that combine both remote and onsite support options.

For more information, call Vernon at (319) 238-0285 or email at [email protected]