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New for 2017

Real World Multi-technology Training is on schedule to be released 01/02/17
Day 1- Intermediate Copper
Day 2- Fiber to the Node (DSL)
Day 3- Fiber to the Home
Day 4- In-Home
Day 5- Field/Live-Load Training


More to come

McCarty-May Training
Vernon May Solutions provides an offering of world class training courses for provisioning and maintaining the copper infrastructure insuring quality service from the Central Office or node to the jack for POTS, DSL, T1, HDSL, IPTV and other services over the copper infrastructure.
The courses are presented on site with follow up support by phone. Training materials and live load field based demonstrations are used for hands on training on our customer’s existing performance data and multi-functional test equipment including but not limited to: Dynatel 965 DSP & AMS, the 990 DSL Copper Pro, JDSU, EXFO, Megger HT 1000/2, the Triplett Mitigator, Tempo Greenlee Sidekick T&N & Sidekick Plus, T1 test equipment, ADSL test equipment, IPTV test equipment, cable locators path and depth, earth frames, and noise mitigation test equipment. 
We train cable maintenance field technicians, installation repair field technicians, digital work group field technicians, ADSL field technicians, T1 and HDSL field technicians, noise mitigation field technicians, as well as managers and supervisors in all aspects of the subscriber network infrastructure. All of our courses can be tailored to your specific needs and take into account the equipment your technicians use and the differing levels of experience of your technicians. For more information on the courses listed below or for a course outline, email us at [email protected] 
Course Listing
Provisioning and Maintaining Paired Copper for Maximum Quality Bandwidth
This course teaches time-proven, best practices for cable fault location, bonding, grounding and noise detections skills leading to a more robust copper infrastructure needed to accommodate DSL. Through these proven training techniques based upon hands-on use of your tools, your technicians will reduce truck rolls, unnecessarily long cable locate and repair times and repeat calls while dramatically improving ROI of your tools, the quality of repairs and customer satisfaction. Four to five day course.
DSL Operations and Troubleshooting
Teaches how all of the DSL, Ethernet and Copper circuit components work together to create subscriber service. Then, circuit performance evaluation, root cause analysis and fault resolution strategies are taught.  IPTV and Vectoring sections can be added to the DSL base.  Three to five day course depending on client requests and needs.
IPTV Operations and Problem Solving
It is very difficult to fix something that you don’t understand. Too many IPTV technicians and programmers face this problem every day. Understanding how IPTV works and how it works with DSL, Fiber Optics, the copper plant, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and Ethernet network is crucial to operational success. Following a logical problem-solving process based on this understanding produces quick trouble fixes and less repeated troubles. This course carefully defines IP Services components, deployment strategies and IP services function in the network. Then, circuit evaluation, problem isolation and problem resolution strategies are carefully defined. This is taught from an analysis perspective, focusing on the information that is already available to you and your technicians. 
For information about these courses and/or a course outline please email [email protected]
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